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The City of Austin invites Austin area artists and arts organizations to present succinct proposals for this year’s Austin’s New Year celebration.

Austin’s New Year is a free, family-friendly, alcohol free New Year’s Eve event held on Vic Mathias Shores (formerly Auditorium Shores) in downtown Austin. The event provides an exceptional opportunity to showcase the City’s dynamic and diverse creative community to an audience of approximately 20,000.

Local musicians, artists, and community performers are encouraged to submit proposals for consideration.

Information about the event:

Theme: Family-friendly downtown, alcohol-free New Year’s Eve event

Where: Auditorium Shores and adjacent areas.

When: December 31st, 2017. Program begins at 3pm and ends with Fireworks shortly after 10:00pm

Who we are looking for: ANY Austin area artist or arts organization including visual and performing artists, musicians, performers, interactive entertainment artists, and others.

What we are looking for: A variety of creative, family-friendly musical and artistic performances, workshops, activities, and visual art installations on the grounds of Auditorium Shores. Possible proposals may include, but are not limited to:

1) Musical individuals and groups

2) Performing Artists such as actors, jugglers, storytellers, dancers, fire dancers, hula-hoopers, aerial performance, illustrators, spray can artists or other visual artists who produce work on the spot, elaborate costumes and other festive performances

3) Temporary interactive art installations, especially those which feature light or sound

Anticipated attendance: approximately 20,000+


If you have an idea for a project to share with Austin’s community and would like to participate in the celebration, please submit a proposal with the following information to the City:

1) Contact information – Please designate a single point of contact within your group or organization and include that person’s contact info including name, phone number and email address.

2) A written narrative – Describe who you are and the project that you or your arts organization would like to present during the New Year’s Eve program. Be sure to address the important questions of what will be happening; what visuals, musical elements or performances you will incorporate; how many people will be participating; what your technical needs will be, and how your work will engage the community of Austin. Be detailed, be realistic and keep it short and sweet. (1 page maximum)

3) A detailed budget – Include everything that you would need to execute your project. The City is working with limited resources and conservative proposed project budgets are encouraged. ALL budgets are negotiable.

Please email all proposals to

All submissions are due no later than 10/20/2017.

An artist or arts organization may submit more than one proposal for consideration. City staff will review the proposal submissions, and the selection of projects will be based on artistic merit, feasibility, compatibility with other selected projects, and budget. The number of submissions will be determined based on available City funding for programming. Once selected, artists may seek underwriters for their selected project with the final approval from the City of Austin.

The City of Austin will hold an informational meeting to discuss submission details.

ANY Artist/Entertainer Information meeting
Date: Monday, October 9
Time: 6:30 – 7:30pm
Location: Austin City Hall (301 W 2nd Street), Executive Session Room

We hope that you will consider sharing your artistry and time with us as we welcome in the 2017 New Year where ANYthing is possible.

For questions about the event or the request for proposal, please email