Temporary public art plays an important role in attracting new and emerging artists to the City’s public art program, enriches the civic dialogue, cultivates tourism, and engages public space in a unique way. The TEMPO program allows artists to explore a range of themes suitable for the outdoor environment and provides the opportunity for innovative, thought-provoking artwork that impacts the way people experience their environment. Enjoy the following artists at this years Austin’s New Year Celebration.

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Lo-Fi Cycle

by Steve Parker

Lo-Fi Cycle by Steve Parker is a modified bicycle instrument is intended to help people think more broadly
about what constitutes a musical instrument, a performance, and a musician. The sculpture encourages people to play and interact with each other.


by Brent Baggett

Brent Baggett was inspired by the notion of a small spacecraft that landed in a park. Encounter, a cubed computer cut wood and steel sculpture, has six different mazes with movable action pieces of recognizable parkland objects such as people, animals, activities and bugs. Participants interact with the sculpture by moving the objects around each maze.

Flow Factory

by vurv collective

vurv art collective created Flow Factory, which charted participants ‘flow state’ as they wore pendulum around one ankle, spinning it around the body as the other foot skipped continuously, using the scientific principal of centrifugal force. Wireless technology inside the pendulum monitored the motion of the device, relaying the data to an on-site computer. Creative coding converted the data into a projected soundtrack and images that reflected the participant’s achieved flow-state.

Humpty Dumpty

by Yuliya Lanina

Humpty Dumpty  by Austin artist Yuliya Lanina is charming, bobbing, musically-inclined anthropomorphic egg. This ladylike version, is intended to bring joy, amusement and a sense of wonder to viewer, as well as challenge the way we perceive gender and body image. A solar powered motion sensor activates original music, composed by Austin’s Yevgeniy Sharlat, while steel springs bounce the upper body.


by George Sabra

George Sabra’s Knot from TEMPO 2015 cycle uses reclaimed 55-gallon oil barrels formed into a large knot, this sculpture lends itself to deepening public awareness of climate change and the impact from burning fossil fuels as one of the root causes of global warming.

2017 Featured Visual Art Attraction!

Pathway to enLIGHTENment
Presented by Fasten

Once at Auditorium Shores, and It begins to get dark, you will notice something new and very different about this year’s event. A colorful glow from the trees will be your first clue. On your way to the Community Stage and Kids Area, you will pass through the walkway on the west side of the park, that runs from Riverside drive to the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue on the banks of the Colorado River. The path will transform into a vivid and mind melting visual extravaganza for the senses. The Pathway to enLIGHTENment. Enter the pathway from any direction and you will immediately be mesmerized by moving lights and effects under the tree canopy and around you on the ground.

Executive Producer Jeff Miller adds “We wanted to create something special in that area of the park. A visual work of art that is constantly changing colors, shapes, and evolving. Something that peaks the senses and changes the way you look at that space. And one that also highlights our hero and inspiration, the life and music of Stevie Ray Vaughan, who’s memorial statue is prominently featured at the end of the pathway bathed in light and smoke”.

Hours: Dark to 10:30pm on New Year’s Eve!