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Lake Stage : 9:00pm - 10:00pm
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SHINYRIBS is the continuation of Kevin Russell’s musical journey that began in Beaumont, TX when, at 14, he found his father’s guitar under his bed, along with a sewing machine, a billy club and a box of comic books. Luckily he chose the guitar. Following his family’s oil boom and bust migratory path he landed in Shreveport, LA where he formed his first band. Picket Line Coyotes were a Husker Du meets Elvis Costello hybrid that lived and died between the “Arklatexabamassippi” borders much like their unfortunate animal namesake. That’s what took him to Austin where The Gourds were born from those Coyote ashes. That storied band of pumpkins came to an end after 18 years of good times and hard travelin’. From that point on Russell, has been riding high on the Shinyribs river of country-soul, swamp-funk and tickle. A Shinyribs show is an exaltation of spirit. It’s a hip shaking, belly laughing, soul-singing, song-slinging, down-home house party. All styles of American music are likely to be touched on, squeezed on, kissed on by this world-class band featuring Winfield Cheek on Keyboards, Keith Langford on Drums, Jeff Brown on Bass, the Tijuana Trainwreck Horns, and The Shiny Soul Sisters – Sally Allen & Alice Spencer. Whether on his 6 string Uke or his Electric guitar or singing a cappella, Russell will entertain you like no one else. The freedom with which he moves, coupled with his incredible voice is an experience in and of itself. His original songs laced with magical-realism along with novel interpretations of popular songs old and new (George Jones, TLC, Leadbelly, T-Pain) are the true art that runs throughout. He’s Burl Ives meets Al Green; Hank, Jr. meets Teddy Pendergrass. Wendell Berry meets Chuck Berry.

Ray Wylie Hubbard

Lake Stage : 7:30pm - 8:30pm
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WIMBERLEY, Texas — When it comes to down ’n’ dirty roots ’n’ roll, nobody in the wide world of Americana music today does it better than Ray Wylie Hubbard. Except, it seems, for Hubbard himself. After riding a decade-long career resurgence into the national spotlight with 2012’s acclaimed The Grifter’s Hymnal and his first ever appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman (“I didn’t want to peak too soon,” quips Hubbard, 68), the iconoclastic Texas songwriter is back to continue his hot streak with The Ruffian’s Misfortune — his 16th album (and third on his own Bordello Records, via Thirty Tigers) — due out April 7, 2015. From his humble beginnings as an Oklahoma folkie in the ’60s to his wild ride through the ’70s progressive country movement, and onward through the honky-tonk fog of the ’80s to his sobriety-empowered comeback as a songwriter’s songwriter in the ’90s, Hubbard was already a bona fide legend by the time he really found his groove right at the turn of the century. That’s when he finally felt confident enough in his guitar playing to dive headlong into his own inimitable take on the blues, a form he’d admired but steered clear of for decades, thinking its mysteries were beyond his grasp as a basic chord strummer. “I used to go see Lightnin’ Hopkins and Mance Lipscomb and Freddie King, all those cats, but I never could play like them — I guess because I never took the time or effort to try — until I was in my 40s and learned how to finger pick,” says Hubbard. “Once I learned how to finger pick, I started going, ‘Oh, OK, this is how they did all that!’ Then I started learning open tuning, and then slide, and it was just this incredible freedom that gave all these songs a door to come through that wasn’t there before. It was like all of a sudden having this whole other language or a whole other set of tools to add to my arsenal.”

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The Peterson Brothers

Lake Stage : 6:10pm - 7:00pm
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The Peterson Brothers possess a uniquely modern blend of blues, soul, and funk. Alex, 17, on bass and vocals, and Glenn Jr., 19, on guitar and lead vocals, have grown up playing together since they were young kids.

Rising stars in Austin, Texas, the Peterson Brothers hold a standing room only weekly residency at Austin’s famed music hall The Continental Club.

They have opened for the likes of Gary Clark Jr., Los Lonely Boys, the late B.B. King, Willie Nelson, and Lisa Marie Presley. They have also played with Buddy Guy, Michael Burks and many of Austin’s finest musicians. The Peterson Brothers have also gained the attention of the one and only Bootsy Collins, who has become a true mentor.

Glenn and Alex are honing their chops daily, and are dazzling audiences playin ggigs throughout the United States.

“The only thing missing from the Peterson Brothers Band is the word “amazing” at the front of the name.” – San Antonio Express-News

Tameca Jones

Lake Stage : 5:00pm - 5:40pm
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When Tameca Jones opens her mouth and sings, jaws hit the ground. Her honeyed and powerful vocals have been captivating her hometown Austin, TX for a little over ten years. Tameca spent years skillfully and tastefully breathing new life into the music of others but made a name for herself as the “Queen of Austin Soul,” blowing minds with her tasteful and vibrant interpretations of a diverse list of artists that include Tina Turner, Nirvana, Elton John, Jimi Hendrix, and more.

The Austin Chronicle called her interpretations “sonic pretzels” that “juxtapose(s) crunchy jaggedness with her infectious, honeyed voice.” Her WTF ability to go from soulful wailing to silky coos has won her devoted fans, accolades, and some high profile situations opening for Austin super stars Gary Clark Jr., Max Frost, Bob Schneider and other big touring acts. She's received major love from Billboard Magazine for her white hot performance at the 2015 Austin Music Awards, where she paid tribute to late beloved musician Ian McLagan alongside legends like Steven Van Zandt, Charlie Sexton, Alejandro Escovedo, and Patty Griffin.

Billboard said she “raised the roof,” while The Austin Chronicle called her performance “showstopping.” Guitar deity and fellow Austinite Gary Clark Jr., who faithfully attended Tameca’s shows whenever he was in town, asked her to sing on the song “Wings” for his latest album, The Story of Sonny Boy Slim… dubbed a “slinky duet,” by Rolling Stone. Tameca Jones made her festival debut at the 2015 Austin City Limits Festival and stunned a crowd that grew bigger and bigger as her set went on. She ended that performance with her debut single, “Hot and Bothered,” a sexy Motown inspired cut now on heavy rotation on regional radio stations. Tameca Jones is set to release her highly anticipated debut EP in March and there is little doubt that she will soon be the next big name to break out of Austin.

Migrant Kids

Lake Stage : 4:00pm - 4:30pm
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Family bands are known for having incredibly harmonic vocals, unmatched appearances, and the ability to beat the crap out of each other and still remain in tact. Migrant Kids, formed by two cousins Miguel Ojeda and John Zakoor, are no exception. The cousins have been playing music together for fifteen years and moved to Austin, TX by way of Detroit, MI to join forces with the talented Bryan O'Flynn, another midwestern native from Cincinnati, OH. The trio has been non-stop touring, writing and following their collective dream ever since their debut album was released in 2013. The band has been busy touring with Austin's epic darling children The Bright Light Social Hour and continue to tour all throughout Texas. Migrant Kids were named Best New Band by the Austin Chronicle, Band of the Month from The Austin Music Foundation, and they are currently up for a Black Fret grant. All Things Go has categorized Migrant Kids' music "in that sweet spot between rock and pop…with simmering post-rock riffs and a pounding backbeat[s]."


Oak Stage : 8:30pm - 9:00pm
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Capyac is a surreal dance act made up of one half swamp baby (P. Sugz), one half agave plant (Potion). To question the origins of the band is to ponder the origin of humanity itself. When founding member Potion stumbled upon the name, half-conscious on his bedroom floor at 3 a.m., it was nonsense, much like the primordial soup from which life on this planet emerged. Soon after, he performed his first show at the 2014 closing party of the now-defunct Wardenclyffe Gallery.

That summer, P. Sugz joined the band. From that moment it was a flurry of late night sets in dirty apartments, college co-ops, and a rotation of local venues. The duo began to sculpt a unique sound out of their diverse musical backgrounds. They gained notoriety online after their debut EP Movement Swallows Us in 2015, followed up by releases on Lavish and Crosswalk Records.

Their full-length album Headlunge was released June 1st and represents more than a year of collaboration between the two. Reviewed and championed across the world from top HypeMachine blogs in France, Australia, UK, Germany, US and more, the singles "Speedracer", "Talk About" and "Fascination" have accumulated over 1 million plays across Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.

Although Capyac's polished releases have propelled them forward, the soul of the band will always be rooted in the improvisatory nature of their live show.

Harvest Thieves

Oak Stage : 7:00pm - 7:30pm
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Hailing from Austin, Texas, Harvest Thieves began as a side-project to Cory Reinisch and Dustin Meyer's long-running alt-country outfit Guns of Navarone. Sitting their former manager James Taylor down behind the drum kit, the trio recorded their debut EP, Lightning in a Bottle, in the Spring of 2013 with the help of James White and East Cameron Folkcore bandleader Jesse Moore.  With the resolution to proceed full time with Harvest Thieves, Reinisch, Meyer, and Taylor were prompted to step things up a notch and invite two new troublemakers to the Harvest Thieves fold: Coby Tate (guitars), and Annah Fisette (keys and mandolin). Harvest Thieves draw on their blue-collar and back-roads heritage to craft songs that sway from brutish garage-rock swagger to traditional country honesty.  With punkish explosions in sound, to finger-picked folk-rock simplicity, they are a formidable addition to Austin's historically-minded music scene.

They are set to release RIVAL, their first full-length album, in January of 2016, with plans to hit the road in support of the record.

Roxy Roca

Oak Stage : 5:40pm - 6:10pm
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“I’m on a mission from God,” Taye Cannon deadpanned before breaking into laughter. “Well, maybe not exactly, but it kinda felt that way at first, and it still does sometimes.” Ok, so the Blues Brothers reference is a little cringe-worthy, but it’s an apt description for the path Cannon traveled assembling Austin-based ROXY ROCA, although the Blues Brothers story starts off in jail, and Taye’s starts in, well, Alabama. Close enough. “I grew up in the deep south immersed in my dad’s music — Jackie Wilson, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, James Brown. Basically, if it had a groove, my dad had it. When Motown 25 hit the TV it was all over — I knew this was what I wanted to do. I remember staying up all night with my cousins, emulating James Brown and Michael Jackson in our grandfather’s carport.”

Things didn’t work out the way he expected, at least not right away. Teenage years, rebellion, and punk rock created a detour for the fledgling belter. “I couldn’t really sing yet, but I made up for it with volume and conviction.” Cannon took what he learned about showmanship from James Brown and combined it with his raw aggression and parlayed it into a successful run fronting Austin darkwave pioneers Mocktigers. The thrill of performing was just what he imagined it would be, but something was missing. “I started telling people I wanted to be a soul singer and I got a lot of sideway looks, like, ‘Really? Where is this coming from?’ They all knew me as the crazy frontman from Mocktigers that screams himself hoarse night after night. They didn’t know this other side of me. So, things kind of stalled for a while.”

Then, a chance meeting changed everything. “I said, ‘Hey, do you want to start a soul band with me?’ and he said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’” Cannon is talking about veteran Austin guitar slinger Errol Siegel. “I thought, ‘Man, that was easy, who’s next? Well, Errol and I both knew Roger (Wuthrich) from previous bands and it turned out he was into it too — he just said, ‘Anything you want to do, I’m in.’ I knew these guys were great players, so I had no doubt they could do it. For whatever reason, they saw something that made them think I could too. So, we were on our way.”

One by one they recruited players for their “mission.” Tom Hays on trombone. Houston Rawls, former tenor saxman for T Bird and The Breaks. Royce Phillips Jr. on alto sax. Most recently, the band welcomed Christina Comley on drums. “We just started connecting the dots, figuring out who we knew that had a passion for soul music, the chops to play it right, and the desire to be poor,” explains Siegel. “We knew this was going to be a labor of love, which is really just another way of saying, ‘You better love this, because we sure as hell can’t pay you.’” After a year of recruiting, woodshedding, and writing, ROXY ROCA made their debut at an ACL Festival after-party. The wait was worth it. The band exploded out of the gate firing on all cylinders. “We felt like we had one chance to prove ourselves so we knew we had to leave it all on the stage that night.”

Since that night, the buzz has spread quickly, leading to more high-profile shows with B.B. King, Tom Jones, Lee Fields, Fitz and The Tantrums, Mayer Hawthorne, Fred Wesley, Vintage Trouble, Anthony Hamilton, Tamia, Ludacris, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Orgone, JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, Robert Walter, Honey Island Swamp Band, Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds, Brownout, The Monophonics, Maneja Beto, T-Bird and The Breaks, Guy Forsyth, and others. The band was an official showcasing artist at SXSW 2012, 2013, and 2014.

The band continues to hone their chops and develop their sound. They recently wrapped up production on their new record, recorded at EAR Studio in Austin with producer Lars Goransson at the helm and are looking forward to its release later this fall. So, what’s on the horizon for ROXY ROCA? Cannon doesn’t even blink. “Straight to the top. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t really believe I could. I told you man, I’m on a mission from God.”

Jackie Venson

Oak Stage : 4:30pm - 5:00pm
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Jackie Venson, a groundbreaking young talent out of Austin, TX continues to grow in popularity in her home town, as well as garnering fresh fans through touring, both in the states and internationally. Jackie's list of credentials boast a degree from Berklee College of Music, articles by periodicals like Guitar World Magazine and ReverbNation, two EPs, two singles, one full album and one the way! Jackie enjoys being the creative driving force behind all of her official videos as well as dedicating countless hours to maintaining direct contact with all of her fans and followers on her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, and YouTube.

Wache Colombian Roots

Oak Stage : 3:30pm - 4:00pm
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The Caribbean coast of Colombian has a musical richness that goes far beyond cumbia and vallenato. The regional variety of rhythms– porro, puya, gaita, merengue, chalupa, bullerengue, tambora– tells stories that are unknown even to many Colombians. Wache is a new musical group where the members explore and share these stories with you.

La riqueza musical de la costa caribe Colombia va mucho más allá de la cumbia y el vallenato. La variedad regional de ritmos– porro, puya, gaita, merengue, chalupa, bullerengue, tambora– cuenta historias desconocidas incluso a muchos colombianos. Wache es un nuevo proyecto con el cual los integrantes buscan aprender y compartir con sus audiencias estas historias.

Agni Dance

Community Stage Jr : 5:40pm - 5:55pm
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Bollywood dance may seem like the latest craze, appearing to mainstream audiences after the release of Slumdog Millionaire in 2008.  But this dance form has been evolving over the last century in the Hindi film industry based in Mumbai.  Innovative choreographers have been combining classical and folk Indian styles with disco, jazz, and jive.  At cultural events across North America, South Asians have borrowed the movement from the screen and combined them with styles they have learned in the diaspora: hip hop, salsa, and modern.  Bollywood is an eclectic style with a distinctly global flair– Bollywood dance is for everyone!

Agni Dance Company is the pioneer Bollywood dance company in Austin.  Starting in 2007 as a small group of dancers, the dance ensemble now features 35+ dancers that have performed at major venues, various festivals, musicals, schools, corporations , studios and private events.  The ensemble’s repertoire ranges from folk styles such as garba and bhangra, classical techniques such as kathak and Bharatanatyam, to shoulder-shimmying feel-good medleys, and poetic interpretations of sufi music.  

In 2008, Agni opened its dance academy, offering classes starting 4 years of age at multiple locations in Austin , Round Rock and Cedar Park areas.  Now the academy offers 15+ classes at four different levels (basic, intermediate 1 and 2, advance), targeting four different age groups (4-7, 8-12, teenagers and adults).  All classes are taught by members of our ensemble, and each semester, students are given an opportunity to perform at our bi-annual recital: lights, costumes, props and all."

Kalu And The Electric Joint

Community Stage : 8:00pm - 9:00pm
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There is a connection between the roots and the future. An air. Filled with music. A beautiful collision between time. Love and life.

The core of Kalu is here.

In that, a fervent adventure into the willingness of soul and mind. Deep blue laden transmission of music steeped in passion and relevance. With Gut-bucket grandeur & powerful emotive delivery, Kalu James’ dynamic tenor soars over the elusive electric joint.

Wendy Colonna

Community Stage : 7:00pm - 7:35pm
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The Austin-American Statesman wrote “Wendy Colonna is not just a singer-songwriter, she’s a force of nature.”  Hailing from the gulf coast of Louisiana and calling Austin, TX home since 2000, Colonna is a regular southern renaissance woman: a seasoned troubadour, yogi, bookworm, adventurer, pollination ecology-enthusiast and hula-hooper.  But it’s her songwriting and voice that draw in audiences in like bees to nectar.

Wendy’s resonant, signature voice is grit-infused- honey and her songs echo swampy southern tales of loss, mortality, joy, reclaimed innocence and celebration. With ease, she moves from a sweet whisper to a full on bayou-soul- shout without skipping a beat. Since 2002, Colonna has released seven acclaimed albums and is currently working on release number eight. Since 2013, Wendy’s been writing custom songs for folks like The Southwest Louisiana Tourist Bureau and Coca-Cola.

In 2014, Coca-Cola released an advertisement with a song which was written and performed by Wendy that made it to the top of AdWeek. The ad has been warmly received by critics and fans with over 175k YouTube views. Wendy has released a full length single of the song, “A Happy Song” exclusively on iTunes.

Though she’s lived in Austin for many years, her ties to Louisiana are still deep. In 2015 the Southwest Louisiana Tourist Bureau asked Colonna to write a custom song capturing the pulse of every day life in the region called “My Southwest Louisiana Home.”  The song and accompanying video swept the Regional Addy Awards, winning four gold placements and “Best in Show”.

Colonna’s latest album, Nectar, released in the Fall of 2013 has had coverage by many notable media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, American Songwriter, NPR’s Beale Street Caravan, No Depression, Lone Star Music, Buddy Magazine, (cover story), WFUV’s Sunday Breakfast (NYC) and more. Even Starbucks joined in, placing songs from Nectar in heavy in-store rotation across the US.

Her forthcoming album, “No Moment but Now” will be released in spring 2017.

Paula Maya

Community Stage : 6:00pm - 6:35pm
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Paula Maya is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, keyboardist and independent recording artist with six CDs released and songs in several compilations. Her music and performances are strongly influenced by Brazilian music and world-pop with jazz undertones.

She was nominated for Best Brazilian Musician living in the USA in the Focus Web News 2016 Press Awards and voted as one of the Top Ten World Music Bands in the 2015 and 2014 Austin Chronicle Music Awards. Her new CD ‘Iluminar’ was nominated for Best 2015/16 World-Global Fusion Album by One World Music in UK. Matthew Forss, music writer for Canada-based Inside World Music, writes: ‘“Paula Maya creates a stunning release with a good dose of South American pizzazz. Iluminar lights up any mood or situation with grace and authenticity.”

Paula is from Rio de Janeiro, the birthplace of bossa nova and songs such as Girl from Ipanema. Rio is also where choro, a Brazilian be-bop-like music, was born a century before bossa nova. Both music styles, as well as Brazilian dance music like samba and baião, are heard in Paula’s songs. Another strong influence is the eclectic community of musicians from different parts of the world that Paula is a part of, in Austin TX and in Seattle, where she used to live. Different genres such as jazz, country, reggae and soukous inspire fresh music blends.

In Seattle Maya had the opportunity of performing with her band at many festivals, including Bumbershoot, Folklife and Fremont Fair, amongst many others. Since establishing residency in Austin TX, she has performed with her band at concert series such as Jazz In The Garden, sponsored by KRTU in San Antonio, Bscene Bossa Nova, produced by The Blanton Museum of the Arts in Austin, and Dancing in the City, sponsored by the city of El Paso. And at several festivals, including Houston International Festival, Austin Jazz Fest and Leon Valley Jazz Festival.

Prior to leading her own groups, Paula performed with dozens of bands in a variety of music styles, including the legendary jazz /swing /MPB Orquestra Tabajara in Brazil. She has shared the stage with artists such as Caetano Veloso, Leila Pinheiro, Djavan, Vinicius Cantuaria, Teo Lima and Batacoto, Cyril Neville, Tab Benoit, Mitch Watkins and The Presidents of the United States of America. Paula has songs in several compilations, including Delicacy, featuring artists such as Jimmy Cliff.

Paula studied Classical Piano with the renown pianist Luiz Medalha and at the Brazilian Federal University of Music. She was certified in Music Theory at the Conservatory of Music in Rio de Janeiro, studied Composition with Maestro Leonardo Sá, and Jazz piano, Improvisation, Harmony and bossa nova with the great pianist and arranger Luizinho Eça, who used to call her, affectionately, ‘geniozinho’ (petite genius). Maya studied voice with Maestro David Kyle in Seattle and Mady Kaye in Austin, TX.

For 12 years Maya co-hosted the Brazilian radio show Raizes, on KBCS 91.3FM in Seattle/ Bellevue.

Indrajit Banerjee

Community Stage : 5:00pm - 5:35pm
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Indrajit Banerjee is one of the leading exponents of Sitar and Indian Raga music from India. He has performed extensively throughout the world and has produced several albums and music for award winning films. He is an A-grade artist of All India Radio and Television. His music features exciting rhythmic movements and intricate Meends (glissando). Indrajit teaches Sitar and Raga lessons through Antara School of Indian Classical Music in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit

Band Aid School Of Music

Community Stage : 4:00pm - 4:35pm
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Regardless of your level of play we have the qualified staff to take you to the next level. World-class musicians who have helped make Austin the “Live Music Capital of the World”. We are in the business of helping you to be the best person you can be. We support that goal by showing you how to be the best musician you can be. We also have teachers who will come to your home.

Please call 512-291-8224 or email for more information.

Location : 2309 Thornton Studio E. Austin, 78704

Teen Band Program, Voice, Guitar, Drum, Bass, Keyboard lessons, Song Writing, Teen Band Events

Glenn Rexach Group

Community Stage : 3:00pm - 3:35pm
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The Glenn Rexach Group features the compositions of Rexach. Combining his love of bebop, funk, rock, blues, Latin and world music, Rexach’s tunes reflect the diversity of his many influences, with compelling melodies coupled with lush harmonies and soaring improvisational virtuosity, all distilled into a guitar voice that is distinctly his own.

Of course, what makes the tunes come to life are the intricate groves that master drummer, Kevin Scott and the solid-as-a-rock bass playing of Angel Roman create with each tune. You will find a refined, raw interplay between the three that is refreshingly original yet familiar sounding.


Community Stage Jr : 7:40pm - 7:55pm
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For over a decade SaulPaul has earned an international reputation as a “Musician with a Message” who can entertain and educate any audience. He’s performed 2 TED talks as well as some of the world’s most esteemed music festivals. He has collaborated with artists from around the world and has also been featured on MTV, LA TIMES, ESPN Radio and countless other media outlets. Part rapper/part singer songwriter, he blends his voice, his guitar and his loop pedal to create a live show that is nothing less than an EXPERIENCE.

SaulPaul annually produces his own #DreamIn3D Music and Arts Festival where he visits middle schools and high schools and entertains students to introduce them to careers and opportunities in all fields of the arts. He is the Esme Barrera Music Activism and Education Awardee. Additionally, he has toured with the Austin Convention Center and Visitors Bureau, representing Austin worldwide. As an artist advocate, he currently serves as a Texas Governor for the Recording Academy and is an official Creative Ambassador for the City of Austin.

River City Pops

Community Stage Jr : 6:40pm - 6:55pm
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River City Pops is a pop/variety show choir that’s been entertaining family audiences in Austin since 1984.

Groundwork Music Orchestra

Community Stage Jr : 4:40pm - 5:55pm
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The Groundwork Music Orchestra uses the genre of children’s music to offer an expansive palette of song craft and musicianship. Their music is fun and easy to like, but never plays down to the audience. Groundwork’s songs and arrangements are fresh to the ears of young and old. Simple elements weave with more elaborate ones and before long everyone is singing along and everyone can find something to keep them interested.

From the old world-styled Bone Soup to the straight ahead pop of Ride My Giraffe, every song invites the audience to join in. Also joining in have been great guest appearances, both on stage and in the studio from Ben Kweller, David Garza, and Guy Forsyth to many other highly reputed players.

Neal Kassanoff, the principal songwriter for the GroundworkMusic Orchestra, has a versatile body of work. He co-wrote the soundtrack to the celebrated Texas film, Hands on a Hard Body, and he has written songs recorded by Carolyn Wonderland, Asylum Street Spankers and Guy Forsyth. He is also the principal songwriter for the rock band, The Dead Left, exploring an entire divergent realm of expression.

The Groundwork Music Orchestra has built a grassroots following, just as it has wooed audiences at big events like SXSW’s Auditorium Shores mainstage. Additionally, the orchestra stands at the flank of a larger organization The Groundwork Music Project (GMP). All proceeds from the sale of Groundwork CD’s provide funding for GMP’s mission to bring music education into preschools and elementary schools that could not otherwise afford it. All GMP teachers are accomplished, multi-instrumentalists who use many of the songs recorded by the Orchestra in their lesson plans.

Groundwork Music Orchestra is featured on WXPN’s Kids Corner (Philadelphia), and they have been the musical centerpiece for the annual Fall Family Festival at Nutty Brown in Dripping Springs, Texas for 3 years running. Festival appearances (will) have included guest appearances from Suzanna Choffel, Ben Kweller, Wild Child, Guy Forsyth and Okkervil River guitarist Lauren Gurgiolo.

Ventures into new markets and new audience are perennially supported by Groundwork Music Project’s board of directors,supporters and volunteers, who recognize the value and the connection between this artistic endeavor and the cause of music education for all young children.

Gilbert & Sullivan Wand'ring Minstrels

Community Stage Jr : 3:40pm - 3:55pm
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Program Objective: 
The Wand'ring Minstrels are the educational and community outreach arm of the Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin, an organization dedicated to spreading the joys of G&S through education and performance of the works of Sir William Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan.

The Show:
We perform at your school, retirement center, civic club, business meeting, or private party. Our interactive performances run between 30 and 45 minutes, and can be customized for your particular audience or occasion. A suggested fee of $350 is negotiable, with most performances at schools and retirement centers funded by the GSSA.

The Performers: 
Janette Jones, Robert L. Schneider, and Martha (Marti) Mortensen Ahern comprise the regular cast of the Wand’ring Minstrels, with other G&S performers joining in for special performances.